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JHYPCB Co., Ltd, an ISO9001 certified PCB and PCBA assembly manufacturer, the production process is strictly in accordance with ISO9001 certification standards, controlling all the products quality and production process. Ensure our PCB development meet customer requirements at every stage and aspect; From suppliers selection to WIP inspection, and through to outgoing inspection and customer service.


For Examples:


Evaluation And Audit Of our Suppliers

Suppliers must be evaluated before approval by JHYPCB's supplier evaluation team.

In addition, JHYPCB will appraise and rank every supplier once a year to guarantee the suppliers materials quality. Furthermore, JHYPCB continuously develops suppliers and promotes them to improve their quality and environment management basing on the systems of ISO9001.


Contract Review

Before accepting order, JHYPCB shall review and verify customer's requirements to make sure that JHYPCB has the capability to satisfy customers' requirements including specification, delivery and so on.


Preparation, Review And Control Of Manufacturing Instruction

JHYPCB will evaluate all the requirements after receiving the customers' design data and related documents. Then, design data will convert to manufacturing data by CAM. Finally, a MI which incorporates the manufacturing data will be formulated according to JHYPCB's real manufacturing process and technologies. MI must be reviewed after preparation by independent engineers. Before the MI is issued, it must be reviewed by QA engineers and approved. Drilling and routing data must be confirmed by the first article inspection before issued. In a word, JHYPCB makes ways to guarantee that the manufacturing documentation is right and valid.


Incoming Control IQC

In JHYPCB, all materials must be verified and approved before entering to warehouse. JHYPCB established strict verification procedures and work instructions to control incoming. In addition, JHYPCB has a variety of precise inspection instruments and equipment to guarantee the correct ability to judge the quality of verified materials. JHYPCB uses a computer system to manage materials, which guarantees that materials by first-in-first-out. When a material close to expiry date, the system will issue a warning to ensure that material is used before expiry.

Process Controls Of Fabrication

Right manufacturing instruction (MI), comprehensive equipment management and maintenance, strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instructions make the whole production process fully controlled. Various precise inspection equipments including AOI inspection system, perfect WIP inspection instructions and control plan, ensure that semi-products and final products meets customers' spec.

Final Control And Inspection

In JHYPCB, all PCBs must go through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the relative physical tests. JHYPCB has a variety advanced testing equipments including AOI Testing, X-ray inspection and In-Circuit Testing for finishing PCB assembly.

Outgoing Audit And Approval

JHYPCB has established a special position, FQA to conduct 100% inspection of products upon customer specifications and requirements. Product must be approved before package. Before delivery, FQA must 100% verify the manufacturing part number, customer part number, quantity, destination address , packing list and so on for each shipment.